Bringing The Zine To Life

To encourage different perspectives and nuanced conversation around the theme of this year’s TEDxSkoll event, we openly invited creative responses to the word truth: what it meant / what it meant to you. The result was an independently curated collection of works by 18 artists from across the UK, including photography, illustration, poetry, stills from moving image, painting, performance and more.

These were selected and compiled by our lead artists Alison Baskerville, Aliyah Hasinah, Louise Byng & Shaheen Kasmani, into the Truth zine, a 32pp document printed in red and black inks by Rope Press. Within the printed pages lie a couple of moving images works, which we would like to bring to life and celebrate here on our blog. Step inside the digital worlds of Balandino, Rosie, Simon and cover artist Robert as we continue our search for the Truth.

Balandino Di Donato
The Wood And The Water

Eleanor Turner, Composer and Performer: “I am a 34 year old harpist and composer always striving to create something heartfelt and original. In the past, I've hidden behind traditional means of expression: classical music and conventional gestures, seated behind a concert harp. Since becoming a single parent for the second time a few years ago, I have been incorporating spoken word and sign language into my compositions, and I stand and move to play the smaller electric harp. Working with Balandino's software has enabled me to have a direct means of communicating my own experiences; the physical manifestation of the anger and compassion of the past 15 years, since first becoming a 'teenage mum', comes out and with a feeling that what I'm capable of is finally converging with what I'm able to achieve: an honest expression of myself.”

Balandino Di Donato, Music Interaction Design: “The control of sound and light during musical performance is often unrevealed, due meaningless micro-gestures on uncommon electronic devices. This disrupts the performance and the audience’s engagement with it. The Wood And The Water reveals to performer and audience the musical performance’s essence by highlighting the relationship between sound light and body movement.

Stills from The Wood And The Water are featured on page 28 of the zine.

To see more of Balandino's work visit:

Robert Leslie

Monuments is a video / audio / photobook project mapping 2 journeys of 8,000 km each through the south of the US 2009-2012. Book Essays by TED prize winners, Ed Burtynsky & Cameron Sinclair.

"We can build these giant monuments, but we can't pay the tuition bill. We will build prisons to lock people up, but we won't pay for schools. I mean, that's a recipe for disaster. And then sometimes, I'm hoping that... You know when thinks come along like Katrina... that sometimes..." Bill Stallworth, Director HOPE Biloxi. A short video from my multimedia eBook, Stormbelt.

Photography works Long Beach, Mississippi and Bolivar Peninsula, Texas from Stormbelt were included in the zine on both page 18 and as the cover artwork.

To find out more about the project visit:

Rosie Kay
MK Ultra

Rosie Kay Dance Company recently premiered their new work MK ULTRA, focusing on the generational gap in knowledge about mind control conspiracies within pop culture today. The work is inspired by pop-culture conspiracy theory and the Illuminati, a shadowy elite cult that brainwashes child actors and singers, and controls mass opinion through puppet performers (who brainwash with music videos and mass entertainment vehicles). This sits on a hotbed of ‘Fake News’ and ‘Alternative Facts’ which often create headlines.MK ULTRA is a work that has been in the making for over three years, with forensic research resulting in a show that could not be more timely. The intersection between fact and fiction, entertainment and news, truth and conspiracy is becoming blurred, leading us to question what reality have we created for ourselves. Creating an audio-visual world, mixing pop-style, athletic dance and unique documentary footage, Kay teamed up with filmmaker Adam Curtis and fashion world wunderkind Gary Card to explore what’s real, what’s a governmental cover up, what’s a fantasy and asks if we are living in a brainwashed ‘filter bubble’.

A striking photograph of MK ULTRA captured by Brian Slater is featured on page 19 of the zine.

To find out more about the show, including where it's touring to next, at:

Simon Le Boggit
Bombastic Mind

"Religion is superstition exploited on an industrial scale. It’s all in your fantastic mind… your fantastic bombastic mind!"

A still from Bombastic Mind is featured on page 11 of the zine.

To find out more about Simon's music project Mental Health, visit: